Building DIY Dog Houses ideas

More and more pets are gaining space in urban daily life nothing fairer than having a corner specially designed for your best friend. With the increase in demand, the good news is that there are currently on the market a series of models of walks and dog houses that meet different profiles. Check out our list of inspiring ideas and find one that matches your home decor.

Dog house with green roof promises to refresh your pet.
Is sustainability everything for you? This dog house with a green roof promises to refresh your pet. The lawn in the Studio Schicketanz project encourages the dog to interact with the furniture, as he can climb to the top and still take advantage of an automatic faucet.

The Nendo studio also created unusual pieces for pets. If it depends on the Japanese, you won’t have to sacrifice decor to welcome your best friend. The focus on functionality defines the Cubic line, based on sober colors, such as white, brown, black and gray, and minimalist shapes.

Carbon invests in a pet line with the design.
The Brazilian company Carbono also invests in a pet line with the design. The pieces are signed by designers Amanda Marques and Marcus Ferreira, who endorse the presence and relevance of pets in our homes and our lives. There are two beds and a feeder, which offer comfort, well-being, and ergonomics to animals, without neglecting the relationship with tutors and other brand products.

For indoor or outdoor environments

Made of ceramic, this dog house was created by Italo Bosa, from the Italian brand Bosa. Called Castagna, it can be used indoor or outdoor – without losing the artsy charm, of course.

A mansion for your dog? An initiative of the duo Doria Keppler and André Heinemann, the German group Best Friend’s Home, has a mission: to bring good design to the canine universe. They believe that ( human ) lover of design suffers from an irreparable urgency that leads them to accumulate sophisticated design pieces in all areas of their lives. Thus, it is clear that the house where your dogs live would not escape addiction.

The ROW Studio Design for the exhibition entitled Dogchitecture defies the conventional approach when designing a dog house inspired by Japanese folds. The result is Kitsune, who forms a dialogue with Lygia Clark’s Bichos series.

The oval shape of the house created by the Mexican office PMS Archi Büro resembles the metallic structure that makes up the facade of the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, the French work architect Paul Andreu.

Devoted to the wood embedded in his works, Kengo Kuma bet on the material for the assembly of Mountain Pug, a dog house project created for the Architecture for Dogs show.

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