Choices for DIY Memo Board

If you are one of those who forget things easily and you need to have reminders and making list of different things than the best thing that you can do is to have a DIY memo board in your home. This will also help in minimizing the use of paper which will eventually reducing the clutter in house. If you receive different invitations and business cards on regular basis and there is no proper place for them where you place them then they can make you house look messy. So to get rid of all this you should have a memo board where you can note all the invitations, recipes, school projects and birthday dates. There are many easy ideas with which you will be able to make memo board, you can even use up cycled items for making a beautiful memo board on your own.

Cookie Sheet Memo Board

A metal cookie tray or sheet can make a beautiful magnetic memo board. For this you just need to get a vintage sheet that you can buy from some sale or can find from your own garage. Just paint it and start using it.

Window Memo Board

An old window that you can purchase from any flea market can serve your purpose well. If there are some broken panes than you can insert a cork to fill these. You can even use the glass of window for your DIY memo board, by writing on it with dry-erase maker.

Wine Cork Memo Board

From now onwards you should not throw your wine corks. They can make a beautiful memo board for your kitchen or dining room. Collect the wine corks, and attach them on the board with glue and place the DIY memo board wherever you want. Good Luck!

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