Different Styles of DIY Cat Tree

We were thinking about giving continuity, talking about the cats, but some requests arrived, and we decided to do it soon!

If humanity could be divided between people who like and those who don’t like cats, the first team would need to receive a subdivision, formed by those who are practically obsessed with cats.

It is unusual to see people buying feline-resistant furniture or creating specific adaptations for their four-legged companions to have fun. But how about combining your comfort with the characteristics of a cat’s daily life?

Generally, cats don’t care as much about outside activities as dogs do. However, they love to go into all kinds of secret and unimaginable corners, especially in high places!

So why not adapt some spaces in your home to increase your feline partner’s quality of life?

With a little creativity and investment, you will make your home more comfortable for your cat, without compromising the decoration. On the contrary, when well executed, projects to adapt the house for felines will give your decor personality.

Let’s see some examples that can inspire you to have this fun and distraction for your cat friends.
Not only to help the environment but to give strength to your pocket, reused and a sustainable furniture is a great option. How are you going to make and decorate, it can fit perfectly with the rest of the house, and with the personality of your pussy! Most materials are natural to get from used furniture stores and, believe me, buckets, and bins.

This walk is simple: take that coffee table that you no longer use, turn it over and put a little mattress on. Ready! Super cool, right? Check step by step photos on the Junk Camp website by clicking here.

You can also adapt to a desk or TV rack. If you don’t want to use paint, you can cover the wood with fabric and white glue diluted. The photo is from Goods Home Design.

This idea is easy and costs almost zero. You can make a single bed with one crate or transform several boxes into a supertree for your cat to climb and sleep on. The photos are from Pinterest by Michelle Prysby.

The drawers can be stacked to form a tree or bolted to the wall to become shelves. The photo is from the Jackson Galaxy website.

You can adapt this idea in several ways, but the base is simple: a separate part of the suitcase and place pillows and covers. In Etsy this photo has other possible designs, visit here.

It also serves that bucket that broke and went to waste. Just screw in the wall and put a folded blanket. If you think the basket may sag, place L-shaped shelf support at the bottom—picture of this panel here on Pinterest.

Just be careful not to leave traces or smell of paint that your kitten can get intoxicated. This idea is from a Brazilian woman, visit her website here.

Everyone has a shirt to donate to the cat. The tent’s support is made of hanger wire, which I bet you also have leftover. See the photos on Instructables here.

These cardboard tubes are always leftover in the construction dumps; they are used for molding. But if it is difficult to find them, that bucket is worth it again, just cut the bottom off with a knife heated in the fire (take the cat away at that time!). See more photos of this model and the step-by-step on Lowes.

They love it, and it’s cheap – if it spoils it makes another one. The options with cardboard are endless, and you can always be renovating. If you want to add a touch less to the supermarket box for the thing, cover the outside with contact or fabric. This castle in the first photo is from Raute Nature, and the scraper is from Design Sponge.


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