Easy and Cheap Method for DIY Wall Words

Are you bored of your room appearance and paint and you cannot redo the paint at the moment for any reason, then don`t worry there is a cheap option available for you. You can go for DIY wall words. This will not only make your room look attractive and appealing but it will also show your own liking and taste. You must have seen these wall decals but they are bit expensive. So following is the method with which you will be able to make these wall decals on your own for cheap.

First of all to complete this project you need to have paint, a contact paper and some exact design in your mind. To make it simple you just take pictures and stick them with adhesive to contact paper, but this will not show your own creativeness. To become creative you should draw a design on the paper on your own. While painting the design make sure that you are not drawing it on the sticky side.

After you have drawn the design, you can paint the sketch. If you wanted to make it bold apply two to three layers of paints. Every next layer of paint should be made after the previous layer get dried. Each layer will take almost half an hour to become drier.

When you have finished painting and the paper seems to be dried then you can cut the design, remove the backing and attach it to the wall. With this you are done with your cheap DIY wall word. As this contact paper can come down easily so in case if you are moving to a new place or you are looking to change the design of wall word, you can easily take it down and replace it with new one.

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