Few Breathtaking DIY Stairs Projects

In most of the houses stairs are just being used from taking you from one point to another. If your stairs do the same purpose only then you are missing a great chance to play with them. Your stairs can be a good source of providing fun activity and unique opportunity to add attraction to your home. There are many DIY stairs projects with which you will be able to make your stairs a focal point in your home. Some of those are given below.

Dressing them up

The easiest thing that you can do with your stairs is to convert its risers to your canvas for showcasing your talent. The only that you should keep in mind is that don`t make the same pattern on both treads and risers because it can make it hard to distinguish treads visually.


If you are very creative and think that you cannot make beautiful pictures or drawing, then you can go for an easy option. For that you can easily select a wallpaper that can be displayed on your stairs. You can choose any kind of wallpaper as per your liking and choice.


If you think that wallpaper is an artificial thing than you can go for painted stairs. This DIY stair project becomes much easier and beautiful if you divide it in pieces. You can choose different paint colors for treads and risers and similarly you can go for different shade for the runners. It will require some dedication and concentration but the end result of this all will be worthy of it.

Change Railing

Another option which can give a whole new look to your stairs is to change your railing. If you have an old railing with which you become bored, then you can easily replace it with new one and make your stairs look different again.

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