How to make a DIY Pallet Bar

Is it your friend’s birthday or some big event coming up in few days? If yes and you wanted to surprise him then making a DIY pallet bar is a great option. It is a project that can be done in quick time and don’t cost you much as well. So if you have decided to go on with this project then following is some important information that may help you.

First of all when you are going to start this project make sure that you have made a list of tools and material required and all of this is available with you at the time when you are going to start of your project.

Once you get the tools and material then you should try to put plastic trap on the ground, because when you get to paint your DIY pallet bar this plastic will help you in protecting your deck from paint. Further it will also be really easy to rip out after you have finished your project.

In next step you need to drill the pallets together to give them your desired shape. If the pallets size is according to your requirements, its great it will save some time, otherwise you should also do some sawing to bring them to actual intended height. Once you are finished with the base you should look for bar top. You can use wood as bar top but if you don`t like it, then you can also choose some other material like tile or metal sheet. Whatever material you choose, bring it to the actual size of your bar.

Once you are done with placing the bar top, the next and last step is to paint your DIY pallet bar. You can choose any of your favorite color for painting the bar. Make sure you do two coats to get the best result.

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