How to make DIY 3d Paper Butterflies

Take advantage of the 25 paper butterfly molds in this post and create beautiful pieces, for your wall, for your objects, or even for your furniture.

This post will expand your mind, as you will see various types of step by step and, among them, how to make the 3D paper butterfly and make wallpaper butterflies, among others. Enjoy everything and redecorate any piece or object you want, if you like the butterfly. Remembering that the butterfly archetype refers to changes, transformations, and if you need to transform something in your life, use it, but use it sparingly because everything that is exaggerated is terrible, it is as bad as it is lacking.

How to Make Paper Card Butterfly
To make a butterfly decorate a wall, you will need:

  • Cardboard paper in the color or pattern you prefer;
  • Pencil;
  • Common scissors;
  • Double-sided adhesive tape, if you use the butterflies to decorate the wall;
  • Template (any image of your choice below).
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Tissue Paper Butterfly Step by Step
The tissue paper butterfly doesn’t even need a mold, add pieces of tissue paper in the middle, and decorate your paper butterfly as you wish.

Tissue paper butterfly

Making a butterfly from crepe paper can be even more comfortable, with you just twisting a piece of crepe paper, pricking the edges and pinning in the middle with a decorated clothespin.

Paper Butterfly Templates for Print
There are butterfly molds for all tastes and styles. Enjoy!


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