Method of Making String Art Letters

You must have seen some beautiful string art projects? If you are also interested in making one on your own, then don`t worry it is really easy. You just have to know the procedure well. Once you get to know how it is done, it becomes easy. For this you need to read this article carefully, as we are going to discuss in detail that how string art letters are made.

First of all you need to decide about the words or letters that you wanted to draw on wall. After deciding the letters you need to decide a place on wall where you want these letters. If possible you should make a fresh coat of paint on the selected wall area. This is not mandatory, but if you do so, it will make your string letters looks attractive. After Painting the wall, you need to draw a sketch of letters with the help of pencil. This is important because if there is some mistake or you wanted to change your design or style or letter you can change it without much difficulty. Once you are done with sketching, you need to put nail on the sketch. You can put nail at every inch so that the shape of your letters won`t go wrong.

As a last step for your string art letters you need to attach different colored strings to the nails. Make sure to choose the brightly colored strings and too of different shades to give a proper look and nice feeling. Once you are done with this you can also erase the pencil sketch from the wall. The good thing about this string art letters is that you can change the color of string at any time. Further if you want to remove or change the letter you can also this without any trouble.

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