Options for DIY Decorative Boxes

Are you one of those who like to do things on their own? If yes and you are looking for some new ideas on which you can work, then there are surely a lot of stock for you. Have you ever tried DIY decorated boxes? This is an easy and existing project. For this you just have to start saving your empty boxes. You can convert the old storage bins or boxes to beautiful gift boxes, storage boxes, jewelry boxes or just use them as a decoration in your home. Once you have decided to go on with this project, there are lots of ideas that you can find both online as well as from the offline sources. Some of those ideas are as follows.

Lacquer Lookalike Boxes

You may have noticed that now days lacquer accessories are very much in demand and everyone is looking to have these as decoration. The main thing is that it is little expensive so why don`t you try to make one at home.

Box covered with Sweater

If you have an old storage box at home and you wanted to give it a new look, then you need to find an old sweater as well. Now you can easily convert an old storage box to a beautiful DIY decorative box with the help your old sweater.

Milk Carton Box

If you have some empty milk cartons available with you, then you should not throw these away, because they can be used as a decorative storage boxes. The good thing about converting such boxes to decoration is that it will not cost you a lot of money. You can simply use some decoration sheets and cover the box with those sheets to get the best out of your old milk cartons.

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