Options for DIY Garden Globes

If you like to spend time in your garden, then you should also look for it maintenance and beautification. There are many different ideas through which you can add beauty to your garden, gazing balls is one of them. DIY garden globes not only look decorative but also acts as a focal point for your garden. So if you are also planning to add some beautiful touch to your garden with these garden globes, following are some ideas.

Concrete Garden Balls

This is really easy to make. The only thing that you need is a mold which can be used for making these concrete balls. Once you have made these then you can go for a light cover, or you can paint these in different colors as per your choice. If you want to add a lightening touch you can add mirrored objects to them which will make them gazing balls lookalike.

Glass Stone

Another super easy option is to by few bags of glass stones from your nearby store and use them as gazing balls in your garden. You can also Styrofoam ball or some other ball for the purpose. The glass stones can be used for covering the ball to give it shape of DIY garden globes.

Repurposed Bowling Balls

For this project first of all you need to get the bowling balls, which you may get from the thrift stores or at yard sale for cheap. You just have to get that ball and convert it to beautiful gazing ball. The good thing about this DIY garden globe is that you can not only create it for cheap, but it is also very heavy so wind cannot damage your gazing ball. So next time when you go to market and find one, do purchase it.

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