Simple ideas for making DIY Bookshelf

The good use of spaces and organization are essential factors when decorating environments, so it is important to invest in furniture that is both decorative and functional.

A good example of this type of furniture is the shelves that serve both to store items that require greater care (books, magazines), as well as those decorative elements with which you have some affective relationship (souvenir, picture frames, toys).

According to interior designer Guga Rodrigues, shelves are an asset for those looking for practicality, saving resources, and optimizing spaces. “They are easily composed in any environment, they can also replace cabinets,” he says.

In addition to being functional, the shelf is a very versatile item, and it can be found in versions attached to the wall, ceiling or floor, they can vary in size, style (rustic, modern, simple, fun) and the variety of formats and colors it is quite vast.

Another advantage is that since it is a considerably simple item, they can be easily recreated in handmade versions made by reusing materials and using creativity to their advantage.

Check out simple and creative shelf ideas for yourself to make and use in your home decor, spending little and developing your creative power.

Creative shelves to make at home

There are different models of shelves on the market, as well as furniture that fulfills the same function as this piece. See 15 furniture options, from shelves to shelves, to produce at home without much effort and make your corner more functional and organized.

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