What to consider before starting DIY doll houses

The first dream of homeownership usually begins with the dollhouse. And realizing that dream, let’s face it, is much more comfortable! And if children enjoy playing house, how about encouraging the creation of small furniture and objects to decorate? The game is delicious and will provide good moments of entertainment and fun for the little ones! Check out the ideas to customize and create the dollhouse!

One of the girls’ favorite games is also a children’s party theme. Delicacy and charm are characteristic of this proposal, and with creativity, it is possible to create an engaging environment with your daughter’s dolls combined with more traditional decorative elements.

The favorite shade of this theme is still pink. However, if you prefer to give a touch of originality without leaving aside the smooth aspect, choose another color chart. For example, Lilac is ideal for a more Provencal party style and looks fantastic with off-white furniture and lavender flowers. The combination of pink and green follows a more neutral line and looks very elegant. Enjoy and distribute cloth dolls around the candy table.

For some girls, decorating with dolls is not enough, so try composing with a beautiful little house to make the party atmosphere more fun! If you want to upgrade, recreate the fa├žade of the house as a background panel and paste it behind the cake table. If the furniture is life-size, celebrate the birthday in an outdoor area and set up a playful setting close to nature. It will certainly make the environment more realistic, and the girls will love it!

The big day is coming? Choose this theme and definitely melt your daughter’s heart! Check it out in our unique gallery below. Great suggestions for doll party decoration and get the inspiration you need here:

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